Hailing from a small town of Temanggung, located in the mountainous regency of Central Java in the Indonesian Republic, Obiet (pronounced “O-beet”), born 16 July 1998, started singing at a young and tender age of 5 when his father, being a music teacher, started involving him in his freelance music gigs all over town.


Obiet’s (Yohanes Babtista Obiet Panggrahito) breakthrough into the mainstream entertainment industry took place when his father signed him up to audition for “Idola Cilik 2”, the second season of Indonesia’s biggest and most popular kid talent search reality TV programme produced by leading Indonesian broadcasting network RCTI. It was the year 2009 and he was 10 years of age. Obiet managed to breeze through the qualifying rounds to secure a place in the top 42 from more than 12,000 others who auditioned at 10 major cities throughout Indonesia. He went on to mesmerize the people of Indonesia with his charming, down-to-earth personality as well as his innocent sounding and soothing vocals. The programme ran for 6 months and was telecasted “LIVE” weekly to tens of millions of viewers. He achieved national celebrity status for this stint where he managed to achieve 4th place in the entire competition. He was thereafter also chosen to be part of the network’s all-boy group known as “Icil Divo” which consisted of a selection of some of the best boy finalists from the first two seasons of Idola Cilik. The group was an instant hit nationwide and Obiet went on to perform on stage hundreds of times throughout Indonesia post Idola Cilik and has since released both a single (Lagi-Lagi) and an album (Hanya Dirimu) in Indonesia.


Obiet started learning the guitar at 12 after watching a video of Korean fingerstyle guitarist Sungha Jung on Youtube. He was against attending formal guitar classes as he thought that it would restrict his creative originality as a whole. He reckoned that by attending such lessons will only allow him to learn what has already been planned for him with standard syllabuses being the norm. He decided to learn the guitar by himself just by watching a selection of Sungha Jung’s videos and learning and practicing on his own. Today at the age of 17, he is an accomplished fingerstyle guitar playing singer-songwriter who looks set to win the hearts of many all over Asia with his stunning guitar skills, impeccable vocals and charming boyish looks.


His ability to compose, arrange and re-arrange songs to create original fingerstyle guitar masterpieces are but second nature to him. Obiet’s unique preference of creating his own chords and tabs as well as his critically acclaimed fingerstyle techniques have garnered rave reviews from many the world over. Fingerstyle playing the guitar and singing in perfect tune at the same time is nowhere near an easy task but Obiet has managed to accomplish it effortlessly.


Obiet says he gets his influence and inspiration from the likes of John Mayer, Jason Miraz and non-other than Sungha Jung himself. His first Malaysia-based, international album which consists of songs mostly written by him is schedule to be released some time towards the second half of 2016, first in Malaysia and thereafter followed by Indonesia. Plans are also in store for him to go international come 2017. Obiet’s debut international album focuses more on portraying his vocals with a mixture of ballads and some fingerstyle guitar featured songs. His album that follows thereafter will focus more on his impeccable guitar playing skills and will also consist of songs performed in English and other languages.


Obiet is a gifted all-rounder who constantly excels not only in the field of music but also in his academic studies as well. Besides the guitar, he also plays a wide variety of other musical instruments. Obiet is currently based in Malaysia. For more information on Obiet or to book him for an engagement, please email or through any of his official social media accounts.

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